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Stamping Mould

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stamping die design Competitive Forming Carbide Mold Stamping Mould

stamping die design Competitive Forming Carbide Mold Stamping Mould

Model:Single or multi cavity


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Kangding now it has grown into a professional technology-oriented enterprise specialized in precise hardware and plastic mold development and manufacturing, as well as accessory production and OEM assembly, along with the promotion of customer demands and the diversified development of services. The company's products are widely used in the following industries such as household appliances, OA equipment, auto parts, electric power tool, garden tool, fire architecture and medical equipment.
         As a technically advanced manufacturer of hardware molds, plastic molds and associated products at home, the company sells its products to nearly 10 countries and regions, including Europe and America and Southeast Asia. Over the years it has been committed to continuous innovation, exploration and summarization in this field with high attention to the upgrading and breakthrough of quality and precision technology. As time goes by, Kangding has stood firm in the industry, winning praise from a great many customers, and being honored to become a designated outstanding partner of theirs. In future Kangding will continue doing its best to provide all customers with a wide range of high-quality precise molds and products.

Our Services

    ODM & OEM
    Motor component design and development
    Related technology support

Competitive Advantages

    About 10 year experience in manufacturing metal stamping parts,plastic injection part and mould.
    Experienced Staff: Average 5-year experience in research and development
    We have a competitive price for motor components and moulding.
    Small Orders Accepted
    Quick Response and Efficient Action.
     Lean Manufacturing and Prompt Delivery .
    Fine Logistics Management to meet Customer Demand.
    Advanced equipments: Agie Wire cutting machines, Agie EDM, Makino,  Roders CNC, Sodick and Sumitomo Precision Injection Machines, etc.

Main Products

    Precision motor component  and mould.including motor plastic parts,motor metal stamping parts,OEM assembly and OEM mould making.
    Precision Motor component and assembly of plastic and metal powder injection.
Mould Info.

Place of Origin: Dongguang China (Mainland)   Used for: Motor / machine   Model Number: KD-MH-160800XX
Material: S136/SKD11/SLD/KG-5/SKH-98/SKH51/SKD61 etc. Customized:  Customized Cavity Number Single or multi cavity
Processing Type: Deep Drawing Type:  Cold Stamping / punching Package: Wooden Box
Mould life time 120~150 million Lead time: 75~90days Home Appliances: Household appliances,OA Equipment,Auto parts, power tool,garden tool,fire architecture and medecial equipment
Hardness of steel 46~56HRC Surface finish: electroplating,Heat treament or other treatment

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Add:No. 51 Luming Road Heavy River Management District - Qing Town Dongguan City

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