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Writer: Kangding metal Pubdate:2017-06-04 Source:cnc parts factory
Description:lathe parts include slot, thread, arc, inner hole, internal thread, keyway,cylinder....

lathe parts Process Analysis
(1) lathe parts include slot, thread, arc, inner hole, internal thread, keyway,cylinder.
Its multiple diameter dimensions have more stringent dimensional tolerances,But for the roughness is not too strict requirements of the surface roughness Ra value is larger.The order of processing for these surfaces is:
folder Left end→Turn the right end of the circle→→ car slot→ the right side of the car thread→ Workpiece U-turn and correct→ drill hole→ car hole→ car slot→ processing internal thread
(2) determine the location of the base surface.The main mating surfaces and steps of the axis face the datum axis with radial circular beating and end round beating requirements,The B-type center hole should be machined at both ends of the shaft as the positioning datum,The left center hole is to be machined before the rough car.
   (3) Select the type of blank.The drive shaft material is 45 steel,The diameter of the outer circle is not much difference,So the blank selection of diameter 60 round steel.

   (4) to develop the process.The process of the shaft,While considering the main surface processing,But also to consider the secondary surface of the processing and heat treatment requirements,Requirements of the outer circle in the fine car can be processed to the specified size, groove, chamfer and thread should be processed in the fine car,Keyway in the car after the crossed and turning,Conditioning treatment arrangements arranged in the rough car,After quenching and tempering must repair the center hole,To eliminate heat treatment deformation and scale, before grinding,But also repair the center hole to improve the positioning accuracy.
Determine the part blank size
  Depending on the part material,Performance Equipment Requirement The material for the selected part is 45 # iron cast

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