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Provide sensor hardware probe for baumer

Writer: Kangding metal Pubdate:2017-06-04 Source:cnc parts factory
Description:In 2007, our company formally signed with Baoming,Baumeng hardware retail as a supplier,Through the Baumen reported in the world....

Kangding metal long-term adhere to green manufacturing,Adhering to the "quality to the market,To the future to innovation "business philosophy,Abide by the "people-oriented, create high-quality, continuous improvement, to meet customers," the quality policy,Build supplier quality management,Process quality control,Product reliability testing,Shipping quality management, customer service,Instrument calibration management, such as the whole process of quality management system.The company uses advanced management tools,Continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence,Has received ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, OHSAS18001, RoHS and other system certification。  
After non-stop product quality research,my company became the electronics industry hardware accessories processing manufacturers.
Baumer China was established in Shanghai in September 2006,Baumeng Group is set up in China's first branch,It will also serve as the Group's business center in North Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan and Korea).In 2007, our company formally signed with Baoming,Baumeng hardware retail as a supplier,Through the Baumen reported in the world.

Rich variety of structural hardware probe parts,The drive family with integrated control and regulation of electronic devices enables Baumer to be more comprehensive in positioning applications.
The following is the sales of sports control products:

Absolute encoders
Incremental encoders
Bearingless encoder
Tachogenerator / Rotary Transformer
Overspeed switch
Combination of encoders
Format calibration
Acceleration sensor
Cable encoder
Counter / tachometer

sensor hardware probe

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