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Optimize Your Design for Stamping Die

Writer: Kang Ding Manufactur Pubdate:2017-07-18 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:Optimize Your Design for Stamping Die Learning about how to design for stamping die is an important step in the journey of product development. Addressing issues before you start making the product will help you save time and money. Once you...

Optimize Your  Design for Stamping Die

Learning about how to design for stamping die is an important step in the journey of product development. Addressing issues before you start making the product will help you save time and money. Once you’re happy with your product design, send us your 3D file through our E-mail cnc@cncstamping com for a free quote and project review.

Common manufacturing issues and how they’re created

In our experience making stamping parts, there are common defects that appear from time to time. These defects can be caused by a range of factors including the type of metal being molded, the design of the tool, and the control of process parameters during the molding cycle. For product designers, it’s important to be familiar with these common defects so that your design is optimized to prevent them when possible or to make tolerable allowances for them on the finished product.

Mold failure
Mold failure is the most prone to the production of stamping problems, often resulting in shutdown, affecting the production cycle. Therefore, we must find the cause of the mold failure as soon as possible, reasonable maintenance. Mold problems are mainly concentrated in the mold damage, product quality defects and mold grinding, they long plagued the industry production. Practically speaking these may not be avoidable in all circumstances.

Mold damage
Mold damage refers to the mold cracking, breaking, opening, etc., to deal with mold damage, must be from the mold design, manufacturing process and mold use to find the reasons.
1, first of all to check the mold manufacturing materials is appropriate
2, quenching methods and time unreasonable, as well as the number of tempering and temperature, time selection, will lead to mold into the stamping after the production damage.
3. blanking hole size or depth design is not enough, easy to make the slot blocked, resulting in blanking board damage.
4 .spring strength design is too small
5. blanking board tilted. Causing overlapping punch, damaged parts

Die stuck
Stamping process, once the die mold is not flexible, or even stuck, you must immediately stop production, find Die stuck reasons, troubleshooting. Otherwise, will expand the failure, resulting in mold damage.
The main reasons are:
Poor mold guide inclined.
There is a foreign body between the templates, so that the template can not be flat;
Mold strength design is not enough or uneven force.
Mold mounting position is not accurate, the positioning error is large upper and lower molds.
consult our chart of common Stamping die precision standard.

Stamping parts surface quality is not qualified

Stamping parts of the surface quality problems, mainly burr too large.
1, stamping parts of the reasons for excessive burrs, the first is the mold edge of the wear and tear, should re-grinding mold to ensure sharp edge.
2, convex, die intermittent unreasonable, or material hardness is too high, you should replace the material or adjust the gap.
3, blanking edge is too small, the material will be pulled into the mold gap and become burr. You must increase the blanking edge size

The grinding of the mold

Stamping production of the mold for a reasonable grinding. Can effectively improve the life of the die, save mold costs, significantly reduce product costs.
When the die edge wear to a certain extent, the original sharp edge blunt, will cause punching pieces burr too large, size and shape accuracy decreased. Therefore, the mold must be sharpened to restore its sharp punching edge.

Stamping molding is still the fastest and most economical way to make thousands or even millions of metal parts for every conceivable application.  To get the best results requires thoughtful application of sound design principles early in the Mold design stage.  See our
metal stamping molding and stamping die design page for more information about our service.

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