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Stamping Mould

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OEM Hardware The Motor Progressive for metal stamping dies

OEM Hardware The Motor Progressive for metal stamping dies

Model:metal stamping dies

Specifications:RK887 CD650 KD20

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Product Description
1. What we can do?
We are specializing in design and manufacturing of high precision stamping die and injection mold, which are widely used in electronics, instruments, auto parts, industrial, household items etc, and customized components, concerning tungsten carbide parts, SMD molding parts, connector molding parts, ceramic parts, punches, bushes, and other tooling, etc. 

Our abilities including milling, grinding, precision electric discharge, CNC profile grinding, CNC wire cutting, PG with mirror surface, Sodick EDM machining, high-speed punching etc.
2. Product details:
 This type of stamping die is widely used for electronics parts, i.e precision terminal and connector, stator, also auto connectors and other metal parts etc.

No. Item Description
1 Mold type Stamping die/progressive die
2 Mold Material RK887, CD650, KD20, SKD11, SKH9
3 Application Electronics, auto parts, metal parts etc
4 Punching machine 25T-60T
5 Lead time 20 days
6 Tolerence ±0.002
7 Mold life 100kk
8 Lead time 20 days
9 Packing Wooden case
10 Payment term 50% prepaid, and the balance before shipment.
  Brand Model Origin Sets Tolerance
WEDM-LS Seibu MM50A Japan 2 0.002mm
Sodick AQ360 Japan 1 0.003mm
Sodick AD360 Japan 1 0.003mm
Qinghong G5030 Tanwan 1 0.003mm
WEDM-HS Datie   China 2 0.01mm
WEDM-MS Datie     1  
Optical projection grinder  Mada C8 Japan 2 0.001mm
Film plotter Daliang PL-007 Tanwan 1 0.001mm
Small grinder Yuqing 614S Tanwan 24 0.001mm
Spark discharge Sodick   Tanwan 4 0.03mm
CNC milling Jintongda   China 2 0.10mm
Pore discharge Jinma   China 1 0.05mm
Metallographic microscope     China 1  
Projecter Nikon   Japan 1 0.001mm
Projecter Wanhao   Taiwan 1 0.002mm
Altimeter Nikon   Japan 6 0.001mm
Two dimensional height instrument Nikon   Japan 1 0.001mm

5. Order processing & process
  • Quotation: We offer you the stamping die and part quotation according to your details (drawing or sample,material,quantity,weight).
  • Order: If our quotation is competitive,you will place the order.
  • Drawing design: We design the mould structure drawing according to your product drawing or sample,then send to you for confirmation.
  • Mould making: After your confirmation of our drawing, we begin to make the moulds, during manufacturing program, we send you mould building progress with pictures every week, for you to know our process.
  • First trial: We will make the stamping die first trial on time, then send you video, picture and samples for you to confirm.
  • Quality confirm: You will confirm our stamping die quality according to sample. If you need to adjust the product structure, we can help you to change it further.
  • Delivery: Ship the stamping die after it is completely OK, packed by wooden case.

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