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Dongguan Kangding Metal Technology Co., Ltd.——Plant equipment
The company is equipped with: 3D printer (SLA) (SLS) OBJET. Three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, CNC automatic machining center, carved machine, CNC lathe, milling machine, vacuum mold machine, wire cutting, spark machine, laser laser , CNC bending machines and other equipment. Invested in plant renovation funds have accumulated nearly billion.The company's CNC automatic processing equipment has been widely used, has become the most advanced CNC machining, metal stamping, fastener bolt,
fixture, one of the production enterprises.Among them, the current domestic first-class cluster mill super-production connection, Can ensure that the product stability and stability in the P5 level or more,Precision reserve rate of 99% or more.Excellent automatic assembly line of the input,To ensure product quality is stable and reliable,Value for money products.Testing and the establishment of experimental centers,So that the company mastered a full set of various types of raw materials used in the detection of effective methods,To ensure that the use of raw materials and finished product quality and reliability.
1890CNC machining centerJapan nestled four-axis horizontal machining center

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Add:No. 51 Luming Road Heavy River Management District - Qing Town Dongguan City

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