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Metal Surface Treatment

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Electrode and electrostatic spraying of lathe parts

Electrode and electrostatic spraying of lathe parts

Model:Electrode and electrostatic

Specifications:Paint or Powder coating

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1, More than 15 years manufacturing experience in whole powder coating equipment.
2, Afford one-stop service :reseach ,development design ,production,abroad installation, after sale service.
3,Competitive price: we are factory.Design, produced ,intalled all by ourself-save cost
4,One year of warranty period and life long technical support.
5,Market share in China: about 40%, is a leading factory in this filed
We specialize in the whole line:  
·         Pre-treatment system : Automatical Spraying pre-treatment and dipping pre-treatment are available;
·         Drying oven : Drying oven which drying the water after pre-treatment is designed according to custmoer actual conditions.
·         Powder coating spray system: Auotmatic spray reciprocator , Maunal spray equipment and  auto-spraying with manual reparing spraying are for your choice;
·         Powder recycling system: Cyclone equipment and cartritdge filters is customized  and introduced  according to actual requirement by customer;
·         Curing oven : Tunnel curing oven, bridge type curing oven, Electric power heating curing oven, Gas-heating curing oven, Diesel heating curing oven ,High temperature ,lower temperature curing oven is available for fitting your sole factory.
·         Conveying system: Various design according to different requirement by customer on the basis of customers' workpiece and output information.
Annual production capacity: more than 150 complete powder coating and powder painting line
Related Informations on design and quotation:
 (can you please fill the following sheet with as more infomations as you can,
so that our designer could design the most reasnable line just for you)

Customer information
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The maximum size: L*W*H The Maximum weight kg/pc
Working time/day  hous/day How many working days/month days/month
Plant available area size  L*W*H Output Ton/moth
Processing method Paint or Powder coating Heating source Electric or natural gas or diesel?

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