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Development of high-speed continuous stamping die standard

Writer: KangDing hardware Pubdate:2017-06-04 Source:stamping factory
Description:stamping die according to the structure can be divided into single engineering model, composite mold, continuous mode three categories. ...

Development of high-speed continuous stamping die standard

1. High-speed continuous stamping die definition:

1.1 stamping die according to the structure can be divided into single engineering model, composite mold, continuous mode three categories.

1.2 The first two categories need more manpower support, apply to some products, small production or specific technology products.

1.3 high-speed continuous stamping die is:Applicable to the production of high-volume hardware products to achieve lower costs,Improve efficiency, ensure the quality of the mold,Its characteristics on the development of high production costs,High production efficiency, product quality and stability.(Pay attention to the spacing between the modules,Parts processing accuracy, group precision, with the accuracy and interference problems,To achieve the purpose of mass production of continuous mode automation).

2. High-speed continuous stamping die structure

high-speed continuous stamping die
 3. Mold processing technology and equipment

3.1 From the above mold structure can be seen,High-speed continuous stamping die structure is relatively complex,This is necessary in the high-speed stamping process to ensure product quality and stability necessary.

3.2 Our company has a professional mold design team supplemented by advanced design software PRO-E, CAD, CAM and other pre-data analysis,Simulation, to obtain a reasonable data and then processing production.

3.3 mold board processing technology through:CNC milling machine machining - vacuum heat treatment - ultra-deep cold treatment (to stress) - precision grinding (flatness + -0.002) -Wire thread cutting - JG hole grinding - product testing,The seven processes are fully qualified after the mold set up.

3.4 parts processing technology:CNC walking thread cutting (ordinary parts of the flooding machine, an important part of the use of immersion oil cut)PG optical curve grinding,Precision grinding processing and other technology,Part engineering accuracy can be controlled + -0.001mm.

3.5 Mold material:Template board with Hitachi steel DC53 / SLD,Pad with SKD11, part material molding SKH-9,Cut the size of parts imported tungsten steel KD20 ... ...,Guide parts: MITSUMI ball-type guide rod guide sleeve.

3.6 mold processing equipment: including AgieCharmilles walking thread cutting,Japan original Sodick walking wire, oil cutting machine, Taiwan precision grinding machine,Japan AMADA Vasino optical curve grinder, precision image measuring instrument, projector, hardness, etc.

4. The company's technical characteristics

4.1 high-speed continuous metal stamping die:Professional production for high-precision products to be mass production.Such as connector terminals, electronic accessories, etc.,Continuous plating and automatic assembly.Mold production speed 200-1000SPM / min,Mold life of up to 100 million model times.

4.2 difficult continuous stamping die:Professional production for the application of riveting, tapping,Secondary stamping, stacking and other complex processing and automation equipment with the type of product.Mold production speed 200-1000SPM / min,Mold life of up to 100 million model times.

5. Application range

5.1 Information products

5.2 cars, motorcycles

5.3 phone, mobile phone

5.4PC computer

5.5 Medical supplies

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