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Custom Fixture Design

Custom Fixture Design



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Fixtures is specially designed for a certain assembly, belonging to nonstandard devices, often need to be based on product structure characteristics, production conditions and you actually need to design and manufacture. Fixture design is one of the important contents of production preparation work, but also fixture production process design one of the main tasks. For cars, motorcycles and aircraft and other manufacturing, lt is no exaggeration to say, if there is no fixture, it can not be produced.

Through the process design, the required tooling type, structural sketch and brief description, on this basis to complete the detailed structure and part design and all the drawings. the quality of fixture design has a direct impact on production efficiency, processing cost, product quality and production safety. To this end, the design fixture must be considered practical, economical, reliable, artistic and so on.
With all subtractive manufacturing services available in-house through our AddSub® service, you can produce great results for the most demanding projects.

What Is Fixture?Manual circular chuck

At Kang Ding, In the manufacturing process, used to quickly, easily and securely install the workpiece device, I call it fixture. Tooling fixture is designed in the machining process to ensure the processing technology, many process technology requirements can not be achieved on the basis of existing mechanical equipment on the level,
So you must use some auxiliary equipment or tools to achieve the tool clamping and positioning, that is, fixture fixture. There are different categories: Such as welding fixture, machine tool fixture and so on.
 The advantage is that the more complex or feature rich the component, the more economical the process becomes.

Advantages Of FixtureMulti-function vise
There are many benefits for fixture, especially if you know how to develop your product design to take advantage of them. Benefits include:
(1) to ensure stable and reliable to meet the processing accuracy requirements.
(2) to shorten the processing time, improve labor productivity.
(3) reduce production costs.
(4) to reduce the operator's labor intensity.
(5) can be processed by a lower technical level operator.
(6) to expand the scope of machine technology.

(7) Fast positioning fixture system makes operation simple.
(8) Features fast, provincial, quasi-standardized interface - to achieve milling, drilling, turning, grinding, EDM, WEDM, measurement and Presetting platform efficient conversion.

Face-to-Face Metal Fixture Design Training!
Join Our Training Sessions in May and October
Metal Fixture Design Training
Visit our facilities in China for a free factory tour and intensive fixture design course. Learn more about the program and available dates.

Custom Fixture Service

First a 3D CAD file must be provided for the design. In order to achieve the best results, it's essential that our engineers review your CAD drawing file in advance and optimize the program wherever necessary. This may include adding support structures to areas where the force Of gravity can cause features to distort during the tooling process. These supports will later be removed.
At Kang Ding, I offer tooling fixtures, positioning fixture design and manufacturing, and  to undertake non-standard fixture custom, product repeat positioning 2μm accuracy, bore accuracy 0.002mm.

Tungsten steel guide sleeve
Fixture making processPneumatic chuck design

The fixture produce is a design, manufacture, and modification process. When our engineers receive your design, one-on-one designers will always communicate with you, the sample testing phase, may be very smooth and may be in trouble. Need to explore all the features and requirements, to meet customer requirements, the design basically completed 70%, and 20% of the design will be left to the formal production can be found and resolved. And only through the mass production confirmed fixture, is successful. Then there are 10% of the design, please note that there will be no perfect fixture, this 10% left the production line to improve until the end of the product production, a complete fixture design declared completely completed.

Start -Machining Services

Fixture almost always requires some form of Start - Machining to provide features that fixture alone cannot provide. Using our in-house AddSub® service this is a fast and easy process where material is removed by CNC milling and turning, drilling, metal stamping or grinding. We also have a range of other finishing processes to ensure that you get the features you want.

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